Sunday, October 23, 2011

Technology Skills Needed by Today's Librarian

I asked my friend Ruby, "What technology skills do librarians need to know to do well in their careers?"

It's important for librarians to keep up with the latest technology!

Ruby is an archivist at a post-production company. Before she was an archivist, Ruby worked as a children's librarian assistant. She said that, in order to be tech-savvy, today's librarians need to be familiar with the following:

  • XML
  • Excel
  • Photoshop
  • Dynex “and other newer cataloging programs”
  • Setting up audio equipment
  • Creating and maintaining a website
  • Creating a catalog

This sounds like sage advice to me! In librarianship, as with other career fields, it's important for workers to keep abreast of changes in the field, especially those pertaining to technology. And since technology is ever changing, librarians are ever evolving in order to better serve patrons.

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