Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Rare Peek at Stanford Libraries' Apple Inc. Archives

The world's largest collection of Apple Inc. artifacts can be found at the libraries of Stanford University.

In 1997, Apple donated "documents, hardware, software, videotapes, memorabilia and artifacts [that] encompass the business and technological history of the company" to Stanford, according to a press release issued by the university in November of that year. These materials were originally intended for an Apple museum, plans for which were axed upon Steve Jobs's return to the company in 1997.

As impressive as the Apple Archives are, they are not available for viewing by the general public. Thankfully, the Associated Press videotaped its recent tour of the collection. You can watch below.

Associated Press * December 30, 2011

Inside the Apple Archives at Stanford Libraries

By David Peskovitz

In 1997, Apple gifted the Stanford University Libraries its historical collections of paperwork, hardware, software, artifacts, and other materials documenting the organization since Woz and Jobs founded it in 1976. The Associated Press toured the collection. No, it's not available for public viewing.

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