Friday, March 30, 2012

The Beautiful Craft of Bookmaking

The other day, I saw a wonderful documentary titled Books: The Last Chapter? With a nostalgic gaze, it eyes the fate of the traditional book in an age when the e-book is gaining prominence.

Alan Yentob, seated in the cafe of McNally Jackson Books in SoHo, NY, during the filming of
his BBC One documentary Books: The Last Chapter?
image credit: bbc

Watching the documentary, I was reminded of what a beautiful craft bookmaking is. The great care that is taken in making a book from start to finish is mind-blowing. With the increasing ubiquity of the e-book, I sincerely hope that bookmaking doesn't become a lost art. You can see this amazing, meticulous process in the following video, "Birth of a Book." It was shot, directed, and edited by Glen Milner.

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