Friday, November 30, 2012

Following Your Favorite Authors on Facebook

I like James Baldwin enough that I "Liked" his page on Facebook. As a result, I routinely get quotations from Baldwin in my Newsfeed, along with news of exhibitions, readings, tributes, and other events celebrating the late American novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and civil rights activist.
James Baldwin. Photo via

The James Baldwin Facebook page, along with most other Facebook sites focused on a particular author, is maintained by the author's publisher - in Baldwin's case, Pantheon/Vintage Books. Other author sites on Facebook are managed by the estate of the author. If the author is still living, it's not uncommon for the author to upkeep his or her own Facebook page, informing fans of scheduled appearances and new releases or even sponsoring contests for signed copies of his or her books. Folowing your favorite authors on Facebook is a great way to stay informed of their literary goings-on. recently listed "10 Bookish Facebook Feeds You Should Follow." (Alas, Baldwin's is not among them.) To see what they are, go HERE.

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