Friday, April 26, 2013

5 of the Best Books on Bookmobiles

As I finish up my current paper, I think back to the paper I wrote for my first library school class. It was on bookmobiles, and it was interesting to write and to research. The sources I referred to in writing the paper were quite academic. Although chock full of useful information, I'm sure they weren't as fun to read as the 5 books on bookmobiles recently highlighted by BookRiot.

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BookRiot, a website whose motto is "Always Books. Never Boring," listed its "5 Great Books About Bookmobiles." Most of the selected books are fiction in the form of romance and adventure stories and novellas. For instance, there is Here Comes the Bookmobile, a 1952 novella about a young boy accompanying his aunt, a librarian, as she makes the rounds in a bookmobile across the county. There's also With a High Heart, a 1945 romance novel about a librarian who finds love along her bookmobile route in rural New Jersey. Very escapist literature!

The fifth book on the list, Reading Places: Literacy, Democracy, and the Public Library in Cold War America, I could've actually used in writing my paper that first semester. According to BookRiot, Reading Places "tells the story of a bookmobile program in two Wisconsin counties in the 1950s. That might sound a bit dull, but it's actually anything but. Nicely written and finely detailed, [it] manages to put these Wisconsin bookmobiles in the rich context of the history of books and reading in America."

To see all "5 Great Books About Bookmobiles," with photos and brief descriptions of each, go to the BookRiot article at THIS LINK.

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