Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New 'Bookish' Collection from Kate Spade

I'm as far from a label whore as you could possibly imagine. For one thing, I can't afford to be one. (Library school ain't cheap!) Even if I had the money, I would have a hard time justifying paying more than X amount of dollars for a given item.
Library Illustration Scarf ($128)
Image via http://www.katespade.com

Having said that, there is a Kate Spade New York boutique that's near my job and sometimes, when returning from lunch, I make it a point to stroll by it - just to ogle the many cute handbags on display in the window. I admit the company sells wonderful-looking items, and its latest collection is no exception.
Required Reading Bon Shopper ($228)
Image via http://www.katespade.com

This newest collection was "inspired by our love of classic academia and all things bookish," according to the home page of Kate Spade New York. The collection features a number of accessories - scarves, handbags, jewelry, and the like - that would make any bibliophile, librarian, or library school student draw up a wishlist.
The Portrait of a Lady Book Clutch ($328)
Image via http://www.katespade.com

Scrolling through the collection, I see many items that would appeal to those with a literary mind and sharp fashion sense. I find the clutches in the form of book covers to be quite clever, but my favorite is the Required Reading Bon Shopper bag, covered with the print of a classic card catalog. A very close second is the Library Card Resin iPhone 5 Case (although I don't have an iPhone).
Library Card Resin iPhone 5 Case ($40)
Image via http://www.katespade.com

If you've already begun Christmas shopping and are wondering what to give the book lover on your list, then look no further than Kate Spade New York's new "bookish" collection. It's a good place to start!

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