Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Craft Ideas for Creative Librarians

As someone who has long wanted to master maneuvering a hook and yarn, I was excited by the news of a crocheting workshop taking place at my local library.
You can learn to crochet, knit, and cross-stitch at your local library.
Image via Mental Floss

Alas, I already had a prior commitment that I couldn't break and thus had to skip the crocheting workshop. But just the idea that a library near me would host such a great craft event thrilled me, so I made it a point to "Like" the library's page on Facebook in order to stay informed about future, similar workshops.

Public ibraries have become popular sites for craft classes, and these classes are attracting more than just parents with young children in tow. Increasingly, people in their 20s and 30s are going to their local library to learn how to crochet, cross-stitch, knit, embroider, and even make jewelry, terrariums, ornaments, and lace.

More often than not, the craft classes that are hosted at public libraries are filled to capacity. Attendees really like the idea of making something with their own hands - something that they can take home with them - and they look forward to the camaraderie of their fellow crafters and learning something new.
Succulents soak up the sun in these do-it-yourself planters.
Image via Mental Floss 

If you're a librarian who has a creative streak and an interest in crafts, perhaps you would like to host a craft workshop at your library branch. Publicize it well enough (especially through social media, e.g. blogs, Facebook, and Twitter) and patrons will come. But what sort of projects would be perfect for your event? 

The magazine Mental Floss has come up with "12 Crafts Perfect for Librarians." Among them are planters made from damaged books, quilts featuring old card catalog pages, pasties made from pages from books, and assorted cross-stitch projects. Embedded in the description of each craft project is a link leading you to instructions on how to make it.

To check out all "12 Crafts Perfect for Librarians" as recommended by Mental Floss, go to THIS LINK. And for further inspiration, read about crafty librarians HERE and HERE. Oh, and HERE and HERE, too!

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