Friday, February 7, 2014

Beloved Cartoon Character Mistakes Library for Bar

One of my father's favorite cartoon characters was Mr. Magoo, who was made popular by a 1960s animated TV series. So while growing up, I, by pure default, watched many syndicated episodes featuring the notoriously nearsighted Magoo.
That's not the neighborhood pub, Mr. Magoo!
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Short in stature, quick to anger, and brandishing a cane, the moneyed retiree was always quick to get into capers, mainly because of his comically bad eyesight.

Mr. Magoo's mistaking a branch of the public library for a local bar, as he does in a 1959 television commercial for the lager Stag Beer, is hardly atypical of his antics. But this, and Mr. Magoo's usual impatience with everyone around him, makes for a great laugh. You can watch the classic television commercial below.

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