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Why You Should Date a Librarian

Dating sucks. Whether you originally meet in person or online, you will ultimately get your heart stomped on...many, many times. Sorry, but there's no getting around that. However, dating may suck less if you seek out a librarian. Why a librarian? The staff at eHarmony (yeah, I know) have come up with "15 Reasons to Date a Librarian," and I think they're pretty legitimate. (Of course, I'm biased.) 
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Among these 15 reasons is: "Librarians are great Scrabble opponents. ('Great' means 'undefeated.')" As a nearly lifelong Scrabble player (thanks in no small part to my mom) and a recent MLIS graduate, I can say that I would definitely make a great Scrabble opponent. But for me, it's more about stretching my brain and playing a good game than it is about winning the game, although winning is always nice. Even if I am defeated, I'm truly a good sport about it - I'm just happy that someone wanted to play my favorite word game with me.

Other great reasons to date a librarian, according to the eHarmony staff, are:

"Librarians are literate. This is likely not the case for everyone you date. (If you have a fear of books, don't even bother.)" This reminds me of a date during which I began to discuss nonlinear narratives, and I could actually pinpoint the moment in the conversation where I lost him. I'm also reminded of the great John Waters' quote: "If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't f*ck 'em!"

"Librarians are well-educated. Many of them have master's degrees." In this day and age, in order to be considered for most library jobs, you must have a master's in library and information science (MLIS). If you already happen to have a library job but don't have an MLIS, you will need to get that degree at some point in order to progress in your job. So, yes, librarians as a group are a smart bunch. We have to be in order to get that degree.

"Librarians make a good, consistent living. They're not rich, but most of them aren't scraping by either. Bonus: They have steady, predictable hours that are easy to plan dates around." I was an English major, and I have an extensive  background in publishing. Later on, I chose to return to school to get my master's degree in library and information science. Neither publishing nor library science are high-paying fields, generally speaking, but for me it's about doing what I love. And it helps that the hours are reasonable and predictable.

"Librarians are doing what they love. Most librarians don't accidentally fall into their jobs. It can be a long journey to finding full-time work." I will say that someone who is happy in their work life is much more likely to be happy in their home life as well. You won't have to hear any grouching about how much they hate their job - none of that sort of negativity would be brought to you. And a happier girlfriend or boyfriend means a happier you!

To see all "15 Reasons to Date a Librarian," see the eHarmony article at THIS LINK.

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