Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bearded Librarians Celebrated in New Tumblr

If you take a good look around, you will notice that beards are back in a big way, especially with men under a certain age. On more than one occasion, I came to believe that a handsome young man was older than he actually was, thanks to the beard trend. Despite this bummer, I still love beards, and I gladly discovered that there is a new(ish) Tumblr that simply focuses on librarians who have beards.
Fittingly enough, this Tumblr is called Bearded Librarians, and it was started in 2014 by the mysteriously named "citygirllibrarian." The blog got off to a great start in its first month, with twenty-four posts featuring young and middle-aged, mostly white male librarians - all bearded - posing in a variety of settings. After that, it seems to have sputtered out, but it appears that citygirllibrarian is still accepting photo submissions for the Tumblr.

On the Tumblr's "Submit your beard" page, it makes it clear that the blog is "Pretty much library folks with beards." So submissions aren't limited to photos of bearded male librarians. Looking at the Tumblr's archive, it's apparent that two of the librarians featured are women: one is wearing a fake mustache and beard combo, while the other has fashioned a beard out of her own long hair. 

The Bearded Librarians blog is definitely far from serious; it's a fun place to browse for beard lovers of any persuasion. If you would like to be featured on Bearded Librarians, or if you know someone whose beautifully bearded face would be a great addition to the Tumblr site, see THIS LINK to "Submit your beard."

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