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Barnard Zine Library Is Searchable Online

Since it began in the summer of 2003, the Barnard Zine Library has amassed more than 4,000 individual issues of zines, do-it-yourself publications traditionally produced cut-and-paste style on paper and then photocopied for distribution. The zine library is housed within Barnard Library, located at 3009 Broadway on the campus of Barnard College in New York City. But you don't have to actually show up at this address in order to search the zine library's impressive collection.

The Barnard Zine Library bookshelf.
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In 2004, the Barnard Zine Library's collection became one of the first zine collections in the United States to be catalogued in the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), making it accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. You can also look for items within the zine library by searching through Barnard Library's online catalog. On its website (, in a section titled "Collection Access and Circulation," the Barnard Zine Library clearly illustrates how you can do just that.

Barnard Zine Library * 2011

Collection Access and Circulation

How can I search for zines through Barnard Library's online catalog?

2. Enter the name of a specific zine, omitting the initial article (a, an, the, el, la, etc...) or conduct a general search by using other keywords.

3. Click on the Title to see the zine's record.

I am looking for a particular zine. Will it be in the catalog?

Many of the zines available are currently in CLIO, but some others have yet to be processed. When in doubt, you can always ask the Zine Librarian.

Keyword search tips:
You can also do a keyword search, combining one of these terms:

"art zine"

"catalog zine"
"compilation zine"
"DIY zine"
"literary zines"
"personal zines"
"political zines"
"school zines"
"split zines"

or just (the question mark is for truncation--it will yield results with the word "zine" or "zines" in the citation or abstract)

For example, and your topic, e.g. "body image," "privilege," "race," "recipes," "riot grrrl" will yield results that are zines of those topics.

Many zines are not yet cataloged, so if you are looking for a particular title or topic that is not in CLIO, please ask for help, or look through our FAQ here.

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