Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time to Build a Digital People's Library!

Just a week before today's NYPD raid of Zuccotti Park, the Occupy Wall Street Library urged those beyond the park to start People's Libraries of their own.

The People's Library at Zuccotti Park, NYC.
photo source: http://peopleslibrary.wordpress.com

Jason Boog, of GalleyCat.com, took this proposition one step further by encouraging the creation of People's Libraries in digital form. "What free Ebooks do you want to share with your neighbors?" he asked.

By being online, a People's Library is safe from any physical destruction wrought by the police at Zuccotti Park or at other increasingly endangered OWS encampments across the country.

GalleyCat.com * November 10, 2011

Build a Digital People's Library

By Jason Boog

The Occupy Wall Street People’s Library blog is urging other readers to create People’s Libraries in their neighborhoods.

Check it out: “if you’d like to open a branch of the People’s Library in your New York neighborhood, find a [Privately Owned Public Spaces], bring down some books and meet your neighbors. It all starts with a few books in a box.”

We realize that many GalleyCat readers don’t live in New York City and that winter is coming. But we’d love to see more People’s Libraries around the country–so let’s open a few Digital People’s Libraries. What free eBooks do you want to share with your neighbors?

Explore free eBook collections at eBookNewser, Project Gutenberg or the Internet Archive for ideas.

Post your list on your blog, Facebook page, LibraryThing page, Twitter account, Goodreads page or Tumblr blog. Share the link and your location in the comments section and we’ll build a directory of Digital People’s Libraries around the country.

This GalleyCat editor posted a Digital People’s Library to get you started. (Photo via nic221 on Flickr)

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