Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blog Offers Inside Tips on Getting a Library Job

Want to work in a library? Maybe you're fresh out of library school and looking for a job. Or you are an unemployed librarian who is on a job hunt. Either way, it's worth checking out Hiring Librarians, a blog dedicated to getting inside the minds of those who hire for libraries.

Hiring managers, members of hiring committees, and library directors spill the beans on this blog about what makes you an attractive candidate (or not) for a library job - from your cover letter and resume to how you conduct yourself during the interview. By publishing a plethora of inside tips on getting that seemingly elusive library job, the Hiring Librarians blog takes a bit of the mystery (and, hopefully, some of the frustration) out of the job hunt. 

Photo: http://www.ebr.lib.la.us/reference/ourafamlegacy/photogallery.htm


  1. Thanks for linking! I love that photo as well. One of the unexpected delights of running the blog has been looking through old photos of librarians. I love thinking about a long line of librarians having similar struggles, as well as considering how the profession has changed.

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  3. And thank you for your amazing Hiring Librarians blog. Another library student told me about it, and I'm forever grateful. Keep up the excellent work (and thanks so much for helping out your fellow librarians, especially in these tough times)!