Thursday, May 3, 2012

'Visual Library' of What NYers Read While Underground

The Underground New York Public Library is a self-described "visual library" that vividly captures New Yorkers reading (and what they are reading) as they ride the city subway. 

Photo: New York Underground Library

There is much that I love about this site. First, it's great to see so many people absorbed in books. Second, that a diverse range of book lovers is featured is incredibly refreshing. And no matter what they're reading, they're presented in a nonjudgemental way. And lastly, links to the books they were reading are given below each photo. So if you're curious about a title, you can easily look it up (and perhaps add it to your "To Read" list). Underground New York Public Library is a "visual library" that is sure to get repeat visits from book lovers and lovers of New York City alike.

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