Thursday, March 28, 2013

BRMC Album Cover Inspired by Book Cover

One of my favorite bands, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, has released a new album and its cover art was inspired by a book cover. Specifically, the inspiration was an old Italian and English edition of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Covers of Shakespeare's Macbeth and BRMC's Specter at the Feast alongside the album's track listing.
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"I found this old-school edition of Macbeth," Robert Been, of BRMC, said in an interview, "and it always intrigued me that some of the greatest literature we have for schools, that are required reading, just have some of the most generic, lifeless, meandered covers that don't really relate to what's inside. They don't try to get creative to dress them up or to sell you on anything. You just turn the page and never think about it again. I just really liked the idea of this thing that was really unassuming. Almost something that you would throw away and never think twice on, but hopefully, if you turn the page there's something of substance beneath there."

I'm sure once you put BRMC's album on the turntable, or listen to it on your iPod, you will discover something of substance there. The title of the album, Specter at the Feast, was also inspired by Macbeth. Been told Q Magazine, "We were playing around with the word 'specter' for a while and Leah [Shapiro, drummer for BRMC] actually found an act in Macbeth was called Specter at Feast."

To preview and buy Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Specter at the Feast, go HERE.

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