Thursday, March 14, 2013

Librarians Featured in Four Eyed Archive

If there is a "librarian uniform," then eyeglasses would definitely be a part of it.

Melissa, a teen librarian, in spectacular specs.
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So many of us librarians - or librarians to be, in my case - are bespectacled that it should come as no surprise that we're represented in the Four Eyed Archive. This online archive is actually a new Tumblr site that celebrates eyeglass wearers. No longer a source of embarrassment, being four-eyed is now something to flaunt! (My, how times have changed. Note "geek chic" for further proof.)

Among the MLS set featured in the Four Eyed Archive are Lydia, a reference librarian, and Carolyn, a law student/librarian. There's also Josh, an executive editor at Library Journal, and Ashely, a taxonomist and admitted "information hoarder." They and others who are profiled were asked: What did your first pair of eyeglasses look like and how did you get them? How many pairs of glasses do you own? Do you have a favorite pair of glasses? Why? How often do you wear glasses? When picking out a new pair of glasses, what is your process? What are your qualifications? Have you ever broken or lost your glasses?

(My favorite answer to the question(s) "Do you have a favorite pair of glasses? Why?" is from Casey, a software business analyst: "Every year I upgrade to a new pair and every year they look nearly identical to the previous ones, so it's hard to pick a favorite." I can so relate.)

Want to be included in the Four Eyed Archive? Submit your answers to the above questions and a photograph of your eyeglasses, plus provide your name (however you want it to appear online), age (optional, really), and profession, at THIS LINK.

PS. I've been eying this pair of SEE glasses:

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