Saturday, July 27, 2013

Travel Destinations for Book Lovers

It's incredible to think that in a week, it will be August already. The summer is going by so quickly! This means if you haven't gone on a summer vacation yet, then time's a-wastin'. If you're a book lover, you might seriously want to consider one of the "50 Places Every Literary Fan Should Visit," according to Flavorwire.
Edgar Allen Poe's Memorial Grave in Baltimore, Maryland.
Image via Flavorwire

There are so many literary landmarks worth checking out, both in the United States and abroad. In Dublin, Ireland, there are Oscar Wilde's childhood home and Jame Joyce's old stomping grounds. In England, there are Jane Austen's House and Museum (Hampshire), museums dedicated to Charles Dickens (London) and the Brontë sisters (West Yorkshire), and Monk's House (East Sussex), the cottage purchased by Virginia and Leonard Woolf. Of course there's Pere LaChaise, where Wilde, Marcel Proust, Colette, and other wordsmiths are buried, and Les Deux Magots, the cafe where Joyce, Simone de Beauvoir, Ernest Hemingway, and others conversed; both are in Paris, France.

Stateside, there are the Hemingway Birthplace and Museum (Oak Park, Illinois), the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library (Indianapolis, Indiana), F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthplace (St. Paul, Minnesota), the Emily Dickinson Museum (Amherst, Massachusetts), the Edward Gorey House (Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts), John Updike's home (Shillington, Pennsylvania), the Algonquin Hotel - formerly home of the infamous Algonquin Roundtable, where witticisms rolled off the tongues of Dorothy Parker and others (New York, NY), the Edgar Allen Poe Museum (Richmond, Virginia), and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum (Atlanta, Georgia). If you're ever in Baltimore, Maryland, you should visit Poe's grave, which is at the southeast corner of Fayette and Greene Streets.

Believe it or not, this is just a small sampling of places for book lovers to visit. There are so many more literary hotspots to see in the United States, Europe, Canada, Russia, Africa, and South America. So break out your suitcases, travel planner, and credit card so that you can see one (or more) of the "50 Places Every Literary Fan Should Visit" before summer ends.

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