Sunday, July 13, 2014

'What Kind of Librarian Are You?' Quiz

If you're on Facebook, then your Newsfeed is likely full of friends' results from online quizzes. These quizzes ask, for example: "Which U.S. City Should You Live In?", "What Tarot Card Are You?", and "How Well Do You Know Star Wars Legends?"
Hmmm...what kind of librarian should YOU be?
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One such quiz that popped up in my Newsfeed recently is "What Kind of Librarian Are You?" I assumed that it and the other quizzes were from BuzzFeed, a social news and entertainment website. However, the bulk of them (the most recent ones, anyway) were created by PlayBuzz, a start-up company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. "Targeted specifically at the U.S. market, PlayBuzz posts quizzes, questions meant to engage users with response, and the 'listicles,' that BuzzFeed pioneered," according to a July 8, 2014, Wall Street Journal article.

The "What Kind of Librarian Are You?" quiz from PlayBuzz is comprised of eight questions and/or requests that are intended to determine which area of the library profession is right for you. The questions and/or requests are: 1) Pick a cocktail; 2) If you were a Dewey Decimal number, what would you be? [I hope you remembered what you learned, or are learning, in your cataloging class!]; 3) Pick a cat; 4) Which event would you be most likely to attend?; 5) Pick a gluten-free snack; 6) It's a rainy Saturday night. What movie do you want to watch? [None of the movies were ones I'd want to watch]; 7) What's your favorite NW [Pacific Northwest] musical act?; and 8) Pick a banned book.

When taking this online quiz, I and all my friends got the same result ("Reference Librarian"), which I found interesting. Right before I typed up this blog post, I decided to take it again - this time picking some answers just for the sake of being contrary - and I got a different result ("Teen Librarian"). To see what you come up with, take the quiz at THIS LINK. Perhaps it will shed some light on what kind of librarian you should be. Or not.

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