Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chicago Public Libraries Reopen on Mondays

After a ferocious public outcry that must have caught him off guard, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel reversed his earlier cost-cutting decision to close city libraries on Mondays.

Patrons of Chicago public libraries will no longer be left out in the cold on Mondays.
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Public libraries will not be open all day on Mondays, however. They will only be open in the afternoons during the academic year, making them available as places of after-school study for students. "As Mayor," said Emanuel, "I've put children and education first and I will continue to ensure libraries are available to students after school."

Last month, Emanuel made the controversial move to close branches of the Chicago Public Library on Mondays. As this decision went into effect, both library goers and library workers boldly expressed their opposition to it. It seems the mayor has heeded the cry of his constituents.

NBC Chicago * February 3, 2012

Libraries to Reopen on Mondays

By Edward McClelland

Less than two weeks after allocating $2 million in resources to open libraries six days a week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today that branch locations of the Chicago Public Library will be open from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays during the Chicago Public Schools school year. Mondays were already scheduled to be open for eight hours when CPS is not in session during the spring and summer.

“By opening branch libraries on Monday afternoons, we are providing students with a comfortable, safe place to study after school, while also making resources available to other patrons six days a week,” said Mayor Emanuel. “As Mayor, I’ve put children and education first and I will continue to ensure libraries are available to students after school.”

The more than $2 million allocated to open the libraries is a combination of savings and shifted resources, and will allow 90 positions to be placed in CPL branches. This includes shifting 25 library staff from Harold Washington Library to branches; reducing maintenance costs and services at the central location; leaving unfilled positions vacant; and reducing tuition reimbursement allotments.

The Harold Washington Library Center (400 S. State Street), Sulzer Regional Library (4455 N. Lincoln), and Woodson Regional Library (9525 S. Halsted), remain open seven days a week.

Branch libraries will be open Monday, February 6 and Monday, February 27, however all Chicago Public

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