Saturday, June 30, 2012

Librarian Is a Job for Loners?

During one particularly animated class discussion, a library school classmate firmly stated, "I hate people. That's why I'm here - to get a job in a library where I won't have to look at or speak to anyone." Nearly everyone in class laughed at her frankness. I was amused, too, but I also found her outlook a bit strange. After all, isn't one of the qualities of a good librarian a love of people?

Project librarian Jane Taylor working alone in the Paine Room of the Working Class Movement Library in Salford, UK. (Photo: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian)
Yet I suppose a lot of people feel the way my classmate does, for many purposely seek out jobs where they will have minimal contact with others. These are the jobs for loners, and according to a CNBC article, librarian is one of these jobs. "If you're in love with books," the article says, "and you like shushing people more than you like meeting them, then a job as a librarian may be for you."

Reassuring the lone wolf types that "these professionals aren't limited to working in public libraries," the CNBC article goes on to reveal the mean annual wage for librarians ($57,020) and what those in the government sector can earn ($80,000 per year). So not only will you not have to deal with others, but you will make a decent salary to boot. A win-win for those like my library school classmate.

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