Monday, June 4, 2012

Pop-Up Libraries Proliferate in Unexpected Places

Cute and quirky, but quite useful, pop-up libraries are increasingly occupying unexpected spaces all across the world.

A mini library housed in a once-abandoned red phone booth in the UK. (Image:
They are showing up in phone booths in the UK and the US, shipping containers in the Netherlands, and trolleybuses in Bulgaria. They are even materializing in birdhouses! Essentially, pop-up libraries are community-maintained lending libraries conveniently established in places you pass by every day. And currently, they're all the rage.

Personally, I question if you can call these miniature setups "libraries" if there is no librarian on hand to keep them organized and relay information to the public. Still, it's a novel idea, and anything that promotes literacy and makes books more accessible to people is definitely a good thing.

Recently, took a look at "6 Delightful Pop-Up Libraries to Encourage Reading This Summer." You can see them HERE.

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